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Why Hilltop?

The world is changing faster than people realize and it is time to let go of things that are holding us back from ultimate efficiency. Waiting months or sometimes years to transfer ownership of one asset to another or keeping track of data is eating away at our most precious commodity we have, time. It all started 5000 years ago when we put a stick onto a clay tablet to keep track.

Blockchain is here.

Blockchain is the future and is hands down the best ledger system humankind has ever created. This is evident by the magnitude of capacities in smart contracts and the sheer market size of the total value locked (TVL) in the crypto market and decentralized finance projects. The potential behind the technology to truly revolutionize all industries is inevitable.

Embrace the Expertise.

Welcome to the Hilltop project, a community driven endeavor to try and bring you updated information and current events in one of the most accelerating environments in and around decentralized finance. Come join our mission to find various and interesting blockchain projects around the globe that are being developed and are evolving every day.

  • Community researched projects found on various blockchain protocols are discussed in details
  • Provide insightful information and education around blockchain based projects

“No better opportunity lies out there in art, finance or real estate.”

Local Brokers embrace blockchain technology on all fronts.


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