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Hilltop’s aim is to bring awareness to crypto based blockchain projects around the globe that are being developed and are evolving within the decentralized finance and cryptocurrency sector. Billions are being added yearly to various projects in an effort to improve transactions with buyers, sellers and investors. Investments are now pouring into the upcoming metaverse with NFT based virtual tiles, NFT art and more user created content. Smart contracts are evolving and at an exponential rate and more opportunities to be part of the revolution continue to present itself to those that wish to seek it.

Waiting months or sometimes years to transfer ownership of one asset to another is eating away at our most precious commodity we have, time.  Blockchain is the future and is hands down the best ledger system humankind has ever created since we started writing things down on clay tablets over 5,000 years ago. This is evident by the sheer total value locked (TVL) staked or farmed in the crypto market space today.  The potential behind the technology to truly revolutionize all industries is inevitable and we as crypto enthusiasts seek to harness it.

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Built on the low-fee and high-speed Polygon blockchain and recently added to the Binance Smart Chain, The Hilltop Project leverages proven and audited protocols and stands out with a comprehensive and rewarding incentive program, powered by its community token with the ticker of HILLTOP. 

The HILLTOP Tokens on Polygon or Binance Smart Chain are utility tokens and not real estate securities or otherwise. Staking features are not tied to any offerings conducted by Hilltop. The Hilltop Project token is utilized for social gaming, NFT project releases, and traded via various decentralized exchanges on EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatible Protocols. The Hilltop Project’s mission is to help educate the public and bring cryptocurrency knowledge and information to the forefront of the retail sector. In addition, The Hilltop Token, HILLTOP, utilizes an extremely rewarding and community-based perpetuation event smart contract.

Hilltop and other tokens on the blockchain of various protocols have no set value linked to them other than what various decentralized marketplaces may give them based on the algorithmic calculations of thousands of tokens and cryptocurrencies interacting on hundreds of online exchanges located throughout the world on various servers. Decentralized Finance and their corresponding tokens represent arbitrary values in relation to other cryptocurrencies and their corresponding “values” and are based on the marketplace supply and individual users’ demand utilizing automated market makers or AMMs, i.e QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, IDEX.io, etc.  The Hilltop token does not claim to offer any set of value or otherwise and is not tied to or based on any legal currency, cryptocurrencies or assets. The Hilltop token has the power to be swapped by any token or cryptocurrency available on the decentralized exchanges it is held on. Currently, these two DEX’s are Quickswap on the Polygon Network and PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain with the Fathom Network in development and soon to come.

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Anyone working with or on the Hilltop Project has no control of any particular price or value that is given to the token and thus has zero control over what one of their tokens trades for on the marketplace. The Hilltop Token should be considered as a point system where those with higher points have more scoring power against someone who may have fewer points. Hilltop token is currently being transferred on the blockchain through two separate protocols. The first is the Polygon Matic Main net and the Second is the Binance Smart Chain protocols just released in 2022. Both protocols utilize an Ethereum or Solidity-based contract language and can be considered as compatible with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) based smart contracts. This allows the token to be found on multiple platforms allowing for others to be part of the Hilltop ecosystem and community regardless of their preferred network, RPC, or blockchain of choice. As always we encourage you to always do your own research and keep your assets and funds safe as the crypto environment is constantly evolving and changing in its infancy. The Hilltop Project has no responsibility to your wallets, funds or otherwise and trading it or any other token rests completely on the user.

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No Investment Advice or Brokerage: For the avoidance of doubt, The Hilltop Project does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice, and you are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. Hilltop Project may provide educational information about Digital Assets in order to assist users in learning more about such digital asset. Information may include, but is not limited to, blog posts, articles, links to third-party content, news feeds, tutorials, and videos. The information provided on the Hilltop Project Site or any such third-party sites does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, and you should not treat any of the website’s content as such. Hilltop does not recommend that any Digital Asset should be bought, earned, sold, or held by you. The Hilltop Project will not be held responsible for the decisions you make to buy, sell, or hold Digital Assets based on the information provided to you. All HILLTOP trades are executed automatically, based on the parameters of your order instructions and in accordance with posted trade execution procedures on decentralized exchanges and thus Hilltop or any of its affiliates have no control over them.

Acknowledgement of Risk: As with any asset, the value of Digital Assets can increase or decrease and there can be a substantial risk that you lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in Digital Assets. You should consult your financial advisor, legal or tax professional regarding your specific situation and financial condition and carefully consider whether trading or holding Digital Assets is suitable for you

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Thanks for joining us here at Hilltop. We are one of the first communities in Crypto to rally around real use cases of blockchain based smart contracts. Real Estate, Investing, Generational Wealth Building, Charity, Wealth Preservation and Philanthropy are just a few of the causes we band together on. We come from all over the world and we follow a set guide of principals and we want you to check it out and see for yourselves. We are Hilltop and we are about reaching our goals together because if you want to reach the top you have to depend and count on everyone below.

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